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Guangzhou THL Toys Co., Ltd.
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주요 제품:풍선 바운스 하우스/풍선 슬라이드/풍선 물 Trampoline/풍선 텐트/풍선 점프 성
No. 5 팽창식 바운서 부문 가장 인기 있는Years in industry(11)Full customizationSample-based customizationMinor customization
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Main product
US$300.00 - US$330.00
Shipping to be negotiated
Min. Order: 1 개
57 orders
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US$560.00 - US$599.00
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by SGS Group
회사 등록일2012-07-06
지원 언어English
수출 경력11
업계 경력11
생산 역량
생산 라인5
총 연간 생산량(단위)6720
생산 기계35
품질 관리
원자재의 제품 지원 추적성Yes
제품 검사 방법Inspection of all products
모든 생산 라인에 품질 관리 수행Yes
QA/QC 검사원1
무역 배경
주요 시장North America(9%), South America(9%), Eastern Europe(9%)
주요 고객 유형Retailer, Engineer, Wholesaler, Brand business, For private use, Manufacturer
R&D 역량
맞춤 제작 옵션light customization, sample processing, graphic processing, customized on demand
R&D 엔지니어1
R&D 엔지니어 교육 수준1 graduate
제공 SGS Group
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가장 낮은 최소 주문: 100 (15일 발송)
2개 카테고리 이용 가능
1940개 제품 이용 가능
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회사 리뷰 (35)
4.6 /5
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Très bonne qualité je suis satisfaite du produit

    공급업체의 응답:

    Thank you for your feedback, please feel free to contact with us if there any questions. Best regard Marjorie
    28 Mar 2024
    Ellen was great to work with. She responded to be quickly and was such a pleasure to deal with. This was my first time ordering directly and but it went very smooth and exactly like Ellen told me. She kept my updated with my order as well. My units came in and looked great as well.

    공급업체의 응답:

    Dear, thank you for taking time to leave me a great review. We will continue to provide good products and good services for you.
    21 Mar 2024
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    # 지상 수영장 # 수영장 수영
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    # 풍선 워터 슬라이드 # 워터 슬라이드 풍선 # 풍선 슬라이드
    # 풍선 워터 슬라이드 # 워터 슬라이드 풍선 # 풍선 슬라이드
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